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Normande Cattle- The High Value, All-Purpose Breed

Normande Cattle in North America


Video-   What is a Normande?

Video on What Is A Normande? Although Normande animals trace their ancestry to cattle brought to Western Europe by Vikings prior to 1000 A.D., the breed wasn't formalized until the 1880s in France, with the start of an official breed registry. Normandes were well-established and popular in France, Great Britain, and South America, especially in Brazil and Colombia, before their introduction into the U.S. in the mid 1970s.

Show ringSince then, they've rapidly gained mind share and market share in this country, due both to their versatility as a dual purpose breed and to their extreme profitability as a low-maintenance, easy foraging animal with exceptional milk and carcass quality. Repeatedly outdoing more traditional breeds in both milk production and carcass yield in objective similar-situation comparisons, the Normande is a breed that should be at the top of any expanding cattle operation's shortlist.

North American Normande Association


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The Association, and this website, are a clearinghouse for all sorts of information on the Normande breed in the United States, Canada, and Mexico, as well as the repository for breed registration and genetic records that Normande enthusiasts require for improvement and popularization of the breed. You'll find information on the breed itself, with specific points on raising Normandes as dairy or as beef cattle; on the history of Normandes on this continent and worldwide; photos, and a list of Normande breeders.

You'll also find convenient online forms for:

  • Official Normande animal registration
  • Membership in the North American Normande Association
  • Junior Membership
  • Event entry forms, both Regular and Junior, for Normande-specific and all-breed shows
  • Submission of breed photos for inclusion in the annual N.A.N.A. calendar
  • Submission of classified ads for the online and mailed versions of the Normande Newsletter
Video on What Is A Normande?

Plus More

The site is also where you'll find the full N.A.N.A. Breeders Directory, breeder-submitted photos of the finest Normandes from each farm, classified ads with Normande animals, related products, and services; our own Store with Normande calendars, caps, and other merchandise, ; information on our Junior Breeder programs; plus photos, calendars, caps, classified ads, and more.

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Promoting and Improving the Normande Breed in North America